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How the Fibonacci System works?


The Fibonacci Betting Roulette system is a very old betting system, history of which ways back to 13th century. Leonardo Piano popular with the name ‘Fibonacci’ invented a natural number progression sequence which forms the base of the Fibonacci Betting Roulette system.

Fibonacci betting system is less aggressive than Martingale Betting system as this system takes longer time to recover the losses when there is series of losing spins, whereas in Martingale system with one bet the player can recover the losses and can also get extra money on it.



How Fibonacci Betting Roulette system works?


Fibonacci Betting Roulette system is based on the Fibonacci sequence, which is 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89 and so on. The next number in Fibonacci sequence is calculated by adding previous two numbers starting from 1-1. Fibonacci sequence is used in Roulette betting to find the stake amount that the player will make on the even money bet. In Fibonacci Roulette betting system the size of bets doesn’t grow fast, instead the players have to play more rounds to complete the sequence. This Roulette system is cheaper but slower than the Martingale Betting system.


If a player is using Fibonacci Roulette system and loses a bet then he increases the betting amount in the next round just like the Martingale Betting system, but he doesn’t doubles it instead the amount of the bet is increased according to Fibonacci sequence. For e.g. If a player starts the bet with $1 and loses the next bet he makes is of $1, if he again loses the next bet is of $3, $5, $8 and so on.


If a player using Fibonacci Roulette system wins a round then crosses last two numbers in the sequence and bets the new number. The sequence ends when the player goes back to the initial bet of 1 unit. For e.g. If a player wins at 13 units he crosses 13 and 8, the next bet is of 5 units and if he again wins this bet he crosses 5 and 3 which makes the next bet of 2 units. For using Fibonacci Roulette system the player should make sure that he has huge bankroll. By using this Roulette betting system the players can enhance their Roulette experience and have a good time at casino table.



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